Shifting Weight – Performative Workshop


My idea is to gather a group of interested people on a casual level and see what‘s possible to do while focusing on personal and group issues as well as various situations that present themselves as we move through the openness of the city space. My role is to facilitate a process, to inspire the group to move along, to connect, to experience, to receive, to imagine, and to allow shared visions to develop.

My aim is to support the group so that trust can grow—trust in oneself, in others, and in various situations that the group will face during their inner and outer pilgrimage. I focus on trust because trust allows us to enter into a dialog, which takes an important part in personal growth, freedom, and transformation of the social relations in which we live. The dialog has its own temporality depending on the nature of each relation while stepping out of our rushed existence.

The fragile utopia presented by NYC itself, and Manhattan in particular, provides a perfect setting. At first glance it appears static with the impenetrable facades of its buildings and its inhabitants. Nevertheless there is the strong desire towards a spirit associated with a personal space for the act of living, a way of life existing below the norm of everyday life.

Imagination marks an important center of a process where each participant allows the inner and outer world to appear in new ways. Since this “emergence” is about presence than rather representation, it frees every participant from the temptation of obvious performative acting. I am interested in shifts of reality, a destabilization of the moment that is almost unnoticeable while another certainty is not yet established. The attention focuses on the transition itself, a state of instability, a fluid field, generating a new stability, a process provoking a new awareness and sensitivity.

The ”audience” can hardly tell what is going on, because he is not experiencing an obvious event. What might strike them is a subtle sensual experience, a possibility to relate differently to reality. This setting allows the participants to form a group of conspirators respecting boundaries but at the same time transforming various powers by releasing new possibilities. While the inner and the outer space is getting changed things start to appear slowly, a process releasing energy, an inner shift away from the already known to the unknown, like a view of the unseen.

Jens Reulecke, born in Berlin / 1980-1986 studying fine art (painting) at the Berlin University of the Arts / 1988-1990 stay in Wigan, London and Scotland / 1992-2000 stay in Niger (Africa).

Over the last years Jens Reulecke experiments with sound, images, movement, language and installation to create performances in reaction to a selected environment, partly in cooperation with other artists.

Besides of performing in ‘non-art related ‘spaces, Reulecke also presents his photography/painting, objects and installations internationally at galleries and other art spaces. He lives and works in Berlin.

Since 2009 Reulecke received several defined teaching assignments at Chinese and German universities.


Assistance: Florian Erdle