* We connect initially through talk and touch, which I am appreciative of. We need to listen to, see, and touch each other in order to know each other. Generally, we come to know something or someone deeply or more fully through all our sensory channels, through different perspectives and different ways of understanding or seeing. Doing this requires a continual release or dissolving of ideologies or blockages that limit our capacity to know or understand.  And I have a feeling it ceases to be overwhelming when you master the centerpoint of your own being in relation to the other. I sense that these ideas relate very closely to the kind of state of beingness that allows us to
tune into each other and into the dimensions of space, time and communication that Jens speaks of.
* We are opening space in a subtle way, and we realize that this reaches all in the space – no matter what their roles. The museum staff seem more tuned into what we are doing: on some occasions we are allowed to proceed for what seem to be lengthy periods of time while they are noticing us, while on other occasions, the camera is noticed and we cannot even begin filming.
* The nodal triad John, Jens and I hold throughout the Met is tangibly different than the triad in the open spaces of Times Square. The art is the other “node” that is there with us, and the enclosure of space creates a certain focus or amplification to our work, so we do not have to be as “loud” with it.
*We pass through an installation with moving mechanisms and a sound installation. The sounds carry through to the gallery space we film in and I feel this element of sound very strongly informing how I perceive the space and our interactions together…it is vibration, after all.
* There is a Picasso that wants to be heard. These paintings are meant to be seen, not heard, though i sense there is the vibration of sound incorporated in them.  I create a sound in my throat – a steady pitch that is not very low in tone – one that I sensed corresponded a bit more with higher chakras, or the chest or throat area of my body. I maintain this sounding for a long time. It just felt right, and that must be the feeling of trusting, and of not being afraid to express.
* At the end of our collaboration through the gallery spaces, I felt a kind of satisfaction of completion even though I do not consciously know what we accomplished. I rather liked that feeling of having trusted completely in the process I participated in, because it felt like there was nothing more to do or ask or know. No unanswered questions, no new ideas, no dilemmas, just a clarity of space deep within that is ready for the next thing. Almost like a sort of unconditional loving gift to the universe – giving, trusting, setting free, and letting go.