* Jens and I must be close – touching really – to begin this journey. We need to feel and resonate with each other’s breathing and groundedness to gain enough comfort in creating distance without losing each other. We relate to each other mostly with sight, as the space is too large and with many people crossing through it (and we are perhaps not enough related [a physical warm up together would have been best for this kind of environment] or amateurs in this work) to do it only just by sense.  The sound is a constant murmur that swells up and dies down sort of like the tides, and I sense this the most when I become aware of the contrast that it is either softer or louder than before. there is much space above. I want to use it, to bring this sense of expansiveness to those walking on the ground.  I breathe vertically through myself to capture this feeling and share it. I notice the clusters of people, their pivots, pauses, strides and direction-ness.
* Jens and I need to be clearly related points in this mass. we are creating sacred energetic geometry, even if it is the simple form of a line.
* I radiate in all directions from my heart. I am safe and related in this space. Can you sense this, passers by? Can you know it in yourself?
* We make a sound together, Jens and I. It is very much about the engine-energy in this place and is anchoring.  I like this sound we feed our breath into. We turn around our sound. It may not be heard, but perhaps sensed by those around us.