* I am feeling all my senses open to receive from the artwork, an element that will reach me in an inspired way to embody and amplify in the space in which I am walking, relating to Jens, and moving through space. He says to trust, so I trust and feel into all my senses internally that for me allows the expansion into this attentive and meditative field.

* I feel strongly certain elements as I consider them inside myself: the way the painter has made his figures outline not with distinct lines of color or edges contrasting each other,  but a smudged, cloudy, fuzzy, indistinct interface between figure and environment. I am captured by this feeling of where my own boundary is, how I can extend my attention and vibrations beyond the surface of my skin. I embody this as I continue to relate to this artwork and to jens and the people mingling by. i try to see other people’s body edges as soft and blended, like in the painting. i imagine my own body boundary is like this, soft and blended with the environment and that i can send my self out beyond the distinct limit of the skin containing my body. I wonder how others will sense this? Perhaps not only as a perceived sense of the physical or perceptual realm, but as a corresponding deeper message about inspiration that you can expand yourself beyond your limitations, reach out a bit further than you think you can.

* The silky pink satin of the large, embellished skirt mesmerizes me. the way the sheen and drapes and shadows are drawn. i imagine i am touching this material with my hands, running it over my skin…then i want to become the sense of cool, silky, smooth satin. i transform into this and see what happens around me.

* somehow, jens and i have backed up slowly and at the same time from different directions to sit comfortably next to each other on a viewing bench. i was not aware how we got there, but the field of energy sensing must have guided us there exactly in that way.

* the sphinx to the right of the temple: this draws me in, and I am relating to this regal feline as i approach it. the couple taking pictures with the sphinx must sense this line of energy is happening between us and it must happen uninterrupted, as they move to the side a bit as i approach closer. what is this resonance we are creating? how is it felt? how can we know? we cannot. just trust. do this as a catalyst, as a transformer, an energy node for others, and that is enough.